Mesa celebrates opening of Rio Salado Pathway

March 2, 2017 at 5:42 pm

The City of Mesa has a new shared-use pathway along the Salt River bank for walking, running and bicycling. A grand opening ceremony has been held for the Rio Salado Pathway which now connects Riverview Park, Sloan Park and Mesa's Riverview shopping center to Tempe Town Lake.

"The new Rio Salado Pathway provides connectivity between Mesa, Tempe and Phoenix like never before," Mayor John Giles said. "Now residents across our communities' can enjoy portions of the scenic Salt River bed while going for a run, bike ride, trip to the park or shopping."

Rio Salado Pathway is an important 1.5-mile addition to the City's existing multi-use trail system along with providing a scenic and unique corridor for all recreational users.

"The addition of this new shared-use pathway will be a great way for all of our neighbors and visitors to enjoy Mesa and our neighboring communities," District 1 Councilmember Mark Freeman said. "A community's health can be gauged by its lifestyle and we hope that the increased opportunities to bike, walk and run between these cities will help to strengthen our neighborhoods."

The Rio Salado Pathway provides a regional transportation and recreational corridor linking the City of Mesa, City of Tempe and City of Phoenix. The pathway will eventually extend east to Hohokam Stadium in Mesa. The "Stadium Connector" linking Hohokam Stadium and Sloan Park is scheduled to be completed by June 2017. The Rio Salado Pathway will eventually expand west along the Salt River bank to Phoenix, promoting non-vehicular transportation and transforming the southern bank of the Salt River into a recreational amenity.

"As a resident of Mesa for more than 40 years, I'm thrilled to be part of the continued expansion of the City's bike program here at the Rio Salado Multi-Use Pathway," Perimeter Bicycling Associate Director Wayne Churchman said. "Spring is always a great time for biking in Mesa, and this path opening is the overture for next month's El Tour de Mesa and CycloMesa, the biggest single day of biking festivities in Mesa."

Funding for Mesa's portion of the Rio Salado Pathway is from two Federal Highway Administration grants, the City of Mesa 2012 Parks and Recreation Bond approved by voters and the City of Mesa Transportation Local Street Sales Tax.

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