Disciplinary hearing results regarding Councilmember Ryan Winkle

August 31, 2017 at 12:39 pm

Mesa City Council, at a special meeting this morning, determined that Councilmember Ryan Winkle will forfeit the office of City Council effective immediately as a result of his DUI conviction.

The Mesa City Charter allows City Council to discipline its members in order to uphold the integrity of the office of Mesa City Councilmember. On May 7, Winkle was arrested for DUI and subsequently pled guilty to extreme DUI.

After nearly three hours of testimony, based on all the evidence at the hearing, including the DUI arrest and conviction, Council voted unanimously that Winkle is no longer able to represent the residents of District 3 and the City of Mesa.

The process to fill the vacancy in District 3 will be announced shortly.