City of Mesa launches Asian District, Mesa, AZ brand

January 23, 2020 at 7:08 am

The City of Mesa, in partnership with area stakeholders, has unveiled a new brand for the Asian District, Mesa, AZ to celebrate the District's unique offerings of culture, community, and commerce. Asian District, Mesa, AZ comprises more than 70 Asian-themed restaurants, grocery stores and other service and retail businesses along a two-mile stretch on Dobson Road in west Mesa.

The new Asian District, Mesa, AZ logo is based on the tangram: a seven-piece Chinese geometric puzzle that dates back 2,000 years. The multiple, colorful pieces of the tangram can be rearranged to create various shapes. The logo features a square comprised of the tangram pieces, symbolic of the different Asian cultures coming together in a unified district community while maintaining the individuality of each culture.

"Mesa has a strong and very active Asian community and I am excited to see the Asian District come to life in west Mesa," Mayor John Giles said. "This is the perfect place for people to gather, eat, shop and immerse themselves in the flavors and cultures of Asia."

The brand was developed after months of primary research, stakeholder participation and brand development, performed by the City, in partnership with marketing firms Moonshot 11 and WHYFOR Agency.

"This area plays such a huge role in west Mesa and has seen significant growth," District 3 Councilmember Francisco Heredia said. "The City had an opportunity to really put a focus on it and help it grow further and I think Asian District, Mesa, AZ can really be a focal point for the area and show off what a diverse community we are."

With the brand in place, the City will now focus its efforts on promoting the new brand at various events this spring such as the Lunar New Year Celebration on Jan. 25 and the Asian District Night Market on Feb. 29, both held in the AZ International Marketplace parking lot at 1920 W. Broadway Road.

The City will also begin developing signage and artwork to be installed on Dobson Road between Main Street and Broadway Road later this year.

A website,, has been created by the Asian Chamber of Commerce which provides additional information about the District. The website features a business directory and highlights upcoming events in the District.

"It is absolutely amazing to see the unity behind this endeavor," Vic Reid, CEO of the Asian Chamber of Commerce said. "The Asian District is a place for our community to truly take pride in - we know the work being done today will have an everlasting impact on future generations."

For questions related to the Asian district project, contact David Packard at (480) 644-3961 or

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