Mesa Police Roll Out New Public Portal to Simplify Complaint and Commendation Process

May 18, 2022 at 9:56 am

It is the policy of the Mesa Police Department to thoroughly record and expeditiously investigate all complaints, to take swift corrective disciplinary action when appropriate, to take swift corrective procedural action when necessary, and to protect the rights of the employees and the citizens of the community that it serves. We also welcome commendations of our employees who admirably perform their duties.

The Mesa Police Department recently activated an on-line public portal to streamline the police employee complaint and commendation process. Currently, the Mesa Police Department utilizes a combination of different methods where the public can report allegations of police misconduct or to recognize a police employee for outstanding service. Those methods being the Mesa Police Professional Standards website, via telephone, written correspondence or in person will remain in effect, but will be complemented by the on-line portal.

The on-line portal will be a more effective way for the public to report positive or negative information about police employees to the Police Department. Citizens will have the ability to upload videos and/or photographs directly into the system. The portal can allow for direct communication between the citizen and the Police Department and to give the citizen updates on routing and where a complaint/commendation is in the process via email or text messaging.

If a person does not have access to the internet, they can access the on-line portal at any of the Mesa Police Department's District sub-stations. Each sub-station is equipped with a kiosk in their main lobby that can be accessed by the public. Below are how citizens can access the new on-line portal and the other methods to report a complaint or commendation for a police employee. Please do not report crime this way. If you need to report a crime, please call the non-emergency number at 480-644-2211, then choose option 2 from the menu, or call 911 if there is a threat to life or property.

On-Line Portal: Professional

Standards web page:

Professional Standards telephone number: 480-644-2010