Statement in Response to allegations against Councilmembers and Employees

April 18, 2023 at 4:04 pm

The following City of Mesa statement was provided to the media upon request on February 26 in response to allegations against Councilmembers and employees:

City of Mesa elected officials and employees embody the values of knowledge, respect and integrity of our organization. We are proud of their work to make Mesa a safe, vibrant and welcoming city.

To say that Mr. Thalers allegations are preposterous and slanderous is an understatement. However, we have heard them before in two separate Federal Court cases CV-21-0141-PHX and CV-22-00749-PHX dismissed for weaving a delusional and fantastical narrative that does not comport with federal pleading standards. Furthermore, since June 2020, Mr. Thaler has had 22 domestic violence cases for interfering with judicial proceedings brought against him at the Mesa Municipal Court. He has been found guilty of violating orders of protection against him 13 times. Additionally, Mr. Thaler has seven bench warrants that were issued for failing to appear before a judge in his seven unresolved domestic violence cases.